Common Misconceptions: Blaming Lack of Collaboration on Regulations


We recently completed another project addressing “legal obstacles” between Medical Affairs and other company functional groups. This project began when our team discussed issues surrounding collaboration and work between groups with company stakeholders. A fairly typical exchange reported to us looked like this:

  • Commercial leader: Now that we’ve launched our product, I’d like to make sure that our Commercial team understands some of the perceptions Medical Affairs collects from our KOLs regarding ideal patient profiles.
  • Medical Affairs leader: I agree sharing that information would help us achieve our ‘right patient, right product, right time’ goals, but we can’t do it as a company.
  • Commercial leader: Why not?
  • Medical Affairs leader: The lawyers would never let us.

Why is this a common misconception? Read the complete post to learn more:
Common Misconceptions – Blaming Lack of Collaboration on Regulations

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